21 June. - 30 June. 2013
Ebisu Minami,
Tokyo, JAPAN



The world.
There is the country called Japan in that world.
The society is going to split into small pieces.

The life situation would be easy to stand alone now, because we shift our life style from the
consanguineous society to the unrelated society rapidly. In addition, we generally produce
something in large quantities and make money, but its system would gradually come
beyond our abilities in near future, because of a population decline and the energy drying
up. In order to enrich a country, we always gives top priority to profit in economy, and
pursue our convenience. Therefore, the time might have come to reconsider a standard
system seriously. Internet for example should be easy to collect a large amount of
information and satisfy our curiosity, because of the development of technology in social
media. We receive a benefit in the convenience momentarily, but on the other hand people
come to have a constant mental anxiety and dissatisfaction. As a result, the
two-dimensional feelings would derive jealousy, envy and the criticism from them.
Furthermore, the society in which should have originally circulated like blood would stop
keeping balance, and come into the division before long.

Can we suggest the opportunity that would connect the divided social relationship, using
some modern tool? What can we do for you as a creator now?

To us, it was to direct the space in which can be shared through the original creation. That
is, our aim is to create “symbiosis form”. The creators of the different fields with original
expression technique gather and build up the space that would be able to sympathies
together. For example, it is suggestion of the space where the earth (with the origin for
creation), life-form and human-being can live together. The creators with sense of beauty
use their brains, and contrive how to create one symbiosis form. It would connect with the
diverse and profound creation. After all, it would produce “the deepening of individuality”.
We do not admire “the deepening of individuality” with an ego here, but we wish the
individual consciousness to come to the deep comprehension. We believe that it would
lead “the social deepening” in near future if we could think the consideration to the society
and the coexistence with other creatures.

Here, we think that aggregate of the hybrid expression could produce new relationships
and create “social harmony”. It is called “symbiosis form”. We are so glad if “symbiosis
form” with harmony creates new sense of values, and can produce happiness. Our dream is
to create the opportunity that investigates each “ universality” with “symbiosis form”, and
to share it together in near future.