21 June. - 30 June. 2013
Ebisu Minami,
Tokyo, JAPAN

ARAKI SHIRO/Costume Design started New Project.
His idea through one conceptual connection with line is to gather each creator with
specialized field into one place, and to create symbiosis space together. It is called “LINE
for THE RELATION”. This idea came up instinctively while he gropes for new
expression technique in his process of making costume products, such as costume object,
set props and head pieces.
His aim is not to show the sophisticated visual, such as installing just beautiful aspect in
white cube space. His aim is truly to express innate visual coming from universe in public
space. Audiences here would feel flesh expression through a part of visual form with
instinct. He believes that its experimental visual space, no matter how it is beautiful or not,
would lead audiences to new experiences here.
The symbiosis space is mainly expressed by experimental costume object with hybrid form.
It also consists of interactive costume, organic head props, a meditation device, a
transmission film photograph and sound. It would become neo-futuristic and spiritual
installation, which can experience the extraordinary.

21 June. - 30 June. 2013
1-14-9, Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

opening hours: 12:00-20:00
opening party: 21th.June 19:00-22:00